A fast and easy starting point for every web design project. Skella is a tool built by podipo for designers, front-end and back-end developers. Enjoy!

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Why we built this

We work with early stage startups to turn complex ideas into simple reality so we use varied design strategies and many technologies. As part of that process, we regularly create open sourced templates (aka skeletons) for each of the three major artifacts that we create: designs, front ends, and back ends. Each Skella skeleton works well with the others.

How it works.

Skella Web Design

The main design skeleton is a Sketch template which includes our favorite responsive grid, the sweetest modules which are common to every project, and a notation system for communicating dynamic behavior like motion and sound. It also includes artboards that collect the information that developers need the most.

Skella Front End

The front end skeleton uses the vast ecosystem of tools built for Grunt to dynamically build modern, user facing applications. Each module specified in our design skeleton is implemented in the front end and rendered in a live style library. That way devs hit the ground running with each new design and can easily transition it to our dreamers.

Skella Back End

The back end skeleton uses the new Go programming language to serve a web API along with the static files generated by a front end like Skella's. The web API is automatically described via a language agnostic schema so it is usable by any client, though Backbone Models and Collections are supported out of the box.

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